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PathCare Group, Jižní Afrika


Installation of COMET Ethernet Sensors by our Africian partner company COMET Africa in PathCare company who is a group of amalgamated private diagnostic pathology practices that originated in South Africa and Namibia.

PathCare is the trademark of a group of amalgamated private diagnostic pathology practices that originated in South Africa and Namibia. The Group is focused on delivering quality pathology testing in the most cost effective way.

These previously individual practices have been providing laboratory and specialist consultation services to local medical practitioners and their patients for many decades.
The PathCare Group currently services approximately 25% of the private pathology market in South Africa and Namibia.
COMET Africa was asked to provide a complete comprehensive environment monitoring solution that could be implemented throughout the Southern Africa region.
All fridges, Freezers, Incubators and room temperatures and Humidity needed to be recorded and stored on a local server located at Pathcare Head quarters in Cape Town south Africa.
COMET Africa implemented a range of the COMET sensors including the P8541, P8511, P8510, T4511 and T3511 Ethernet based sensors.
All readings are passed via the Modbus TCPIP protocol to the SQL server and recorded.
The current system has one server running, and multiple view node Clients running throughout the Laboratories.
Any user, once logged in, can set the relevant Alarm parameters and Alarm recipients, as well as view all current readings, and historical trend data.”

Použité přístroje:

T3511 P8541 P8511 P8510 T4511


COMET Africa
PO Box 4116
Tygervalley, Bellville
7536 - Cape Town, Republic of South Africa



Republic of South Africa, Namibia

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