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Monitoring teploty pomocí Multiloggerů


Mr. Vladimir Vidiborschii says:"Generally we are very happy having M1140 system, it is very nice and useful for Pharmaceuticals cold chain monitoring application."

Our system as built as follows:

  • Application – monitoring temperature in single 16 m3 cool room for storing of vaccines and other cold chain medicines in condition +2…+8 °C.
  • Configuration – one M1140 logger + two 15meters Pt1000 sensors, detailed configuration – see attached configuration file.
  • Additionally we have installed an GSM SMS alarm module type GSS-02, which has its own temp sensor + receive alarm signal from output of M1140 in emergency cases.

Positive features:

  • very reliable operation – none missing measurements for 4 months, comparing to our RS-485 sensors
  • back-up memory in case of power and link failures (tested in several real cases) + possibility to upload stored data to database
  • long time of autonomous work – up to one week from internal accumulators
  • presence of alarm output to drive external alarm signal


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Tetis International Co. SRL
Str. Calea Orheiului, 103/3
Chisinau, MD2020,

e-mail: vladimir.vidiborschii@tetis.md



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