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Web Sensors

  • web server, smartphones and tablets friendly
  • complex solution for data acquisition and analysing with Comet Database
  • temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, CO2
  • server rooms monitoring, IT, Building HVAC management, Museums, archives,
    galleries, Factories and manufacturing, Home automation
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WebSensor online demo

  • actual measured values are accessible via powerful embedded web server
  • access from smartphones and tablets
  • configuration via web pages
  • 1000 (non-backuped) records memory for each channel
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Temperature, Humidity,
Pressure, CO2 Transmitters And Regulators

  • air, duct, bar and cable types
  • outputs: 4-20mA, 0-10V, Ethernet, RS485, RS232
  • dual line LCD
  • long term stability of parameters
  • easy programming, adjustment, calibration
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Data Loggers

  • single channel to four channel
  • suitable for communication by mobile/GPRS modem
  • RS232, USB or Ethernet interface cable available for PC communication
  • Download data using Android devices
  • large memory for 32,000 measured values, 2-line LCD display
  • battery life up to 7 years, robust watertight case IP67
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Monitoring Systems

  • up to sixteen channels
  • temperature, humidity, current, voltage, frequency, binary, pulse inputs
  • capacity up to 480 000 recorded values
  • audio and optical alarm functions
  • communication – USB, RS232, RS485, Ethernet, GSM
  • control of external devices
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Portable Instruments - COMMETER

  • temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure
  • audio and optical alarm of measured values
  • capacity 16 000 recorded values
  • dual line LCD display
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Database Software

  • PC software for collecting and analysis of measured data
  • SMS and Email alarms
  • powered by MySQL or Microsoft SQL database server, easy installation
  • simple and fast access to data
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Easter 2014 in COMET

On Monday 21st of April 2014 COMET will be completely closed because of Easter Monday holiday.

COMET software configuration- video manual

More easier installation and configuration of COMET software. See our video manual for Comet Database, TSensor and SensorReader.

Thanks for the visit in AUTOMATICON 2014

We would like to thank all of you who have visited our stand at the AUTOMATICON 2014.

Building Management - HVAC

Complete temperature, humidity, pressure and CO2 monitoring in new buildings, historic buildings, industrial centers

Server Rooms and Data Centers

Record and online monitoring of temperature and humidity, leaks and smoke in data centers and server rooms. Dataloggers, sensors, monitoring systems for IT racks

Healthcare and Laboratory

Automated monitoring of temperature, humidity and other parameters in pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks and areas that require constant monitoring

Monitoring during Transport

Temperature monitoring during transport of food, flowers, live animals, pharmaceuticals, HACCP. Wireless communications and data transmission via GPRS


Online measurement and alarms, recording and monitoring of production processes

SOHO (Small Office and Home Office)

Low cost solution for monitoring, remote access to the measured values and data collection through data loggers and WebSensors